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Free ACT and SAT Test Prep Resources

Looking for good test prep resources that don’t cost anything? Here are some incredibly useful AND free ACT and SAT test preparation resources.

Get free scoring and diagnostic feedback for an official full-length ACT! Check out the‘lite’ version of our Boost Your Score software. This version scores and provides reports for the free full-length ACT found on the ACT website here. For comprehensive diagnostic feedback and cutting-edge resources for the free ACT above as well as the five real ACTs in The Real ACT Prep Guide, please check out the full version of Boost Your Score. Learn more here.

List of free programs for your TI calculator

Save your brainpower! We’ve scoured the internet for free calculator programs that will solve most mathematical formulas for you so you won’t have to! These programs are allowed on both the SAT and ACT tests. These are great for students who are afraid they won’t remember the formulas on test day (on the ACT test, no formulas are provided) or those who want to save time and have the calculator do the work for them.

These programs will help you save time and increase your level of accuracy all over the SAT and ACT. And they’re free!

Want even more programs?
Check out our little top selling book: HERE
Includes more programs and examples of how each program will help you answer questions on the test.

Check out our smartphones apps. Our Google Android app was recommended by the New York Times! Apple iOS app for the iPhone/iPad/iTouch is coming soon!


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Free Online ACT and SAT Test Prep Resources

Why pay for ACT or SAT test prep when there are so many great free ACT and SAT test preparation resources online? Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best free resources out there. If you go through them and still decide you need to buy a book or two or some software, please check out our products list or Devorah’s snarky product reviews. Have you found any free online resources not listed below? Please leave us a comment so we can add them to this page.

Products to Consider:

Boost Your Score: The Unofficial Software Guide to the Real ACT14.95

Boost Your Score: Underground Calculator Programs for the ACT Test

Tutor Ted’s Guide to the SAT: A Comprehensive, Non-Boring, Score-Raising, Future-Winning Resource for SAT Mastery So You Can Get into College