Advantage Point Services (Cleveland, OH)

Testimonials for private and small group tutoring:

We are recommended by local guidance counselors! Please contact us for references. Check out our Yelp local business reviews here. Some testimonials from families:

I was thrilled with the ACT test prep that Advantage Point provided my daughter. This company does a free initial diagnostic assessment of each student and provides a free hour-long initial consultation. I loved this – it meant we got to meet the instructor, learn about my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses based on her diagnostic results, and get any questions answered.

The prep itself was targeted and effective. The Advantage Point curriculum is based entirely on real ACTs and the students take (and later, analyze) at least eight or nine real tests. They also do a lot of skills drills based on their own personalized test prep plan.  The staff is friendly, too! Our tutor took the time to answer our questions, gave students ‘good luck packs’ before the tests, and brought props to tutoring sessions (like her awesome blue wooden geometric solids).

This program works. My daughter’s score increased by 5 points and she really enjoyed the prep. I can’t say enough about how meaningful it was to have Melissa in my daughter’s corner. It made all the difference in the world, and I would not have done it any other way. — Ellie F, Beachwood, OH

“Thank you so much for your help! My score went up 5 points (from a 28 to a 33)!“ –Chrissy B., Hathaway Brown School

“All I can say is WOW! You guys are great! My son’s score went from a 25 on the April test to a 33 in June. I will definitely recommend your program to friends.” –Lisa T., Beachwood

“My son was actually excited to prep for the ACT with his Advantage Point tutor. I couldn’t believe it. With her help, he got the score he needed for his football scholarship. Thank you!” –Deonne B., Mayfield Heights

“My daughter worked hard with her tutor for over three months and took six or seven real practice tests in total. They would analyze each one together, target those weak skills, have her take another test, and do it all over again. I think this method, along with the other strategies her tutor taught her, are what brought her score from a 22 to a 27. Thank you!” — J.B., Medina, OH

Boost Your Score: The Unofficial Software Guide to the Real ACT

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Prolific blogger Frank Hurdle reviews Boost Your Score after using the software with his son

“For Pete’s sake, it’s a $15 program that will make studying for the ACT a lot easier. How can anybody NOT buy this?” Reviews for Boost Your Score: The Unofficial Software Guide to the Real ACT

“Simple but powerful software – increased my score by six points”

““I cannot say enough good things about “Boost Your Score” and the wonderful service and help provided by Advantage Point….USE THIS PROGRAM EXACTLY AS IT INTENDED AND I WOULD BET YOUR SCORE WILL DEFINITELY BE BOOSTED!!”

“I studied for the ACT for over a year and found that Boost Your Score was the most helpful of all the products I used.”

Boost Your Score: Undercover Calculator Programs for the ACT Test

Amazon reviews for Boost Your Score: Undercover Calculator Programs for the ACT Test

“This book is really big at my school right now.”

“There is no question that this booklet will increase a student’s score.”

“Basically I would sum this book up as spending money to instruct you how to program math formulas into your calculator. And it was totally worth it.”

SAT/ACT Math Booster App

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App reviews on the Android market

“I am retaking the ACT as a college student and this app is wonderful”

“Incredibly helpful! Now if only it could take the test for me!”