Boost Your Score: The Unofficial Software Guide to the Real ACT


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  • Comprehensive analysis of student performance on six real ACT tests: The free official test on the ACT website and the five official tests in The Real ACT Prep Guide (all versions)
  • Pinpoints the exact areas students need to improve
  • Resource database of tutorials, quizzes, worksheets, and links to boost every skill tested on the ACT
  • Bonus strategy worksheets full of proven (and sometimes sneaky) test-taking strategies for each section of the ACT
  • Includes little-known, easy to program programs for your TI calculator that will save you time, energy, and brainpower on the ACT math section.

Congratulations! You have stumbled upon one of the most powerful ACT test prep tools in existence.

You may already know that the ACT is the most predictable test ever created. The ACT always tests the same exact skills—in the same amounts!—in each section of each test.

For example, there will always be a set number of questions testing punctuation (10), a set number of questions testing grammar (12), a set number of questions testing trigonometry (4), a set number of questions testing intermediate algebra (9), etc. It gets better! Within these subcategories, the same skills are always tested. For example, punctuation questions always test commas, apostrophes, and the occasional semicolon. And that’s it. This level of predictability can be found in every section of the test.

Boost Your Score: The Unofficial Software Guide to the Real ACT helps you achieve your target ACT score by using the ACT’s predictability to your advantage. Since the same skills always repeat, you can best prepare for the ACT by taking official ACT practice tests and then thoroughly picking them apart. This software analyzes your performance on six official ACT tests and provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your particular strengths and weaknesses.
You’ll know exactly which skills you need to improve to succeed on the ACT. Then, the software’s database of tutorials, quizzes, worksheets, and helpful links provide you with targeted resources to boost the exact skills you need to improve.

We can’t stress this enough: the ACT’s predictability is the key to your success on the ACT. Take several official ACT tests, have our software analyze them to pinpoint your weaknesses, boost the particular skills that need improvement with our cutting edge resources…and you’re set.

Important note about official ACT tests: This software provides comprehensive diagnostic feedback for the free ACT practice test located on the ACT website, here. This feedback alone effectively pinpoints students’ strengths and weaknesses. Students can then boost targeted skills with our comprehensive resources. However, for maximum results, we strongly recommend students also take the five real ACTs included in The Real ACT Prep Guide. Our software will also provide diagnostic feedback for the five real ACT tests in The Real ACT Prep Guide** and will compare your performance on each test.

(**Please note that The Real ACT Prep Guide is found in most bookstores and libraries. For copyright reasons, we cannot include these tests in the software itself.)



scorepageProvides comprehensive diagnostic feedback for six official ACTs: the free ACT on the ACT website (link included) and the five official ACTs in The Real ACT Prep Guide.

scorepagedetail1Sscorepagedetail2ee custom reports based on how you did on each test. Boost Your Score! contains sub-categories that the Real ACT Prep Guide doesn’t break down for you. Just another way to help you hone in on what EXACTLY you need to study.

resourcesResources section provides strategy, review, and practice for every topic tested on the ACT.

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Fast results!“My son took two practice tests a week apart, before and after using this program…his overall score going from 22 to 27…I highly recommend this product.”

It really works!“I studied for the ACT for over a year and found that Boost Your Score was the most helpful of all the products I used.”

Fast results!“Wonderful program! Highly recommended!”

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