The Real ACT Prep Guide

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We strongly recommend The Real ACT Prep Guide, put out by ACT, Inc. Because the ACT is so predictable, the best way to crack it is by taking and analyzing real ACT tests. The ACT Prep Guide is the only book out there that includes 5 previously administered ACT tests, complete with great answers and explanations.

Please note that this book does not provide particularly good test taking strategies (this would be a conflict of interest for the ACT folks!) or an adequate review of skills. However, our Boost Your Score! software, when combined with the Real ACT Prep Guide, will turn you into a lean, mean test-taking machine! Our software provides a comprehensive analysis of your strengths and weaknesses based on your performance on the real ACT tests in the ACT Prep Guide. Based on your performance on the official ACT tests, our software will provide you with skill-building worksheets, quizzes, and interactive tutorials to boost the exact skills that need improvement. To read more, see Devorah’s blog post here.