The Official SAT Study Guide

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We strongly recommend The Official SAT Study Guide, put out by ETS, the SAT company. The SAT is an extremely predictable test, so one of the best ways to prepare is to take a whole bunch of official practice tests and analyze them. This book includes 10 real practice tests.

Please note that this book does not provide particularly good test taking strategies (this would be a conflict of interest for the SAT folks!) or an adequate review of skills. Therefore, while this book is a fantastic part of a do-it-yourself test prep program, you will need other materials as well. In addition, it is important to realize that while the official SATs in this book come with an answer key, there are no explanations along with those answers. This is the part that always gets us steamed up. After all, how can you learn from your performance on an official test if you don’t understand the mistakes you made? That’s why we recommend students buy a separate SAT solutions manual (see below), which provides answers and explanations to this version of the Official SAT Study Guide.