Upcoming classes:
We are currently in the process of changing our classroom locations. As a result, we are only providing school-based prep classes at schools’ requests. We plan to open our classes back up to the community in the near future. Please check back soon for updates. Thank you!

Advantage Point classroom courses are the most affordable way to prepare for the SAT. Classes provide a comprehensive overview of strategies for all subject areas, as well as an in-depth skills review. Classes are limited to 10 students and meet weekly for 14 weeks or bi-weekly for 7 weeks. All of our teachers are certified teachers in the state of Ohio and scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT.  Most have at least four years of experience at either Kaplan or Princeton Review. Oh, and they’re funny, too!

Thinking about a class, but worried about the lack of personal attention? The classroom course package includes an optional initial meeting with the instructor, individual students, and parents. Your classroom instructor will meet with you and your parents–in your own home, if you desire–to answer any questions you may have and to learn more about your individual needs. Additionally, students who attend a classroom course are eligible for up to five hours of heavily discounted private tutoring at only $50/hour. This option helps students who benefit from the classroom setting but need a little more help in very specific areas or those who wish to schedule a quick individual review session immediately prior to the test.

All classroom sessions include:

  • Meet-and-Greet with parents and student (parents–a great opportunity to get your SAT/ACT questions answered!)
    Personalized study plan
  • Unlimited e-mail and phone access to your instructor
  • SAT Writing workbook (352 pages): Complete preparation for the new SAT writing section. This book includes effective techniques and strategies for every type of question in the multiple-choice section as well as a comprehensive writing clinic.
  • SAT Math workbook (302 pages): Includes hundreds of practice questions on every SAT math topic, all with complete explanations. Also includes an overview of the top math concepts you need to know for the SAT and many effective “back door” techniques and strategies.
  • SAT Critical Reading Workbook (352 pages): Contains hundreds of practice questions with complete answer explanations covering every category of the SAT Critical Reading Section plus a chapter on SAT Vocabulary with a comprehensive word list. Also describes critical reading techniques and strategies.
  • 4 real SAT tests, each with in-depth answers and explanations. Students will also receive a comprehensive analysis of their strengths and weaknesses after each test.

SAT classroom course packages also include unlimited access to the Advantage Point test prep resource center, which contains over 25 supplemental materials. Want to take a pile of SAT vocab flashcards on vacation? Dying to read the latest vocabulary-building SAT mystery novel? Want even more real tests to practice with? Check out our resource room for all of this and more. Materials can be checked out for up to four weeks.

Classroom course prices:
$588 ($28/hr for 21 teaching hours) + 4 testing sessions