Private Tutoring
Kaplan: $3699 for 24 hours = $154/hr
Princeton Review: $3006 for 18 hours = $167/hr
Advantage Point: $1470 for 21 hours = $70/hr (or $100/hr –pay as you go)

Small Group Tutoring
Kaplan: $1499 for 20 hours = $74.95/hr
Princeton Review: $1440 for 24 hours = $60/hr
Advantage Point: $700 for 20 hours = $35/hr

Classroom Course
Kaplan: $499 for 18 hours = $27.72/hr
Princeton Review: $999 for 25 hours = $39.96/hr
Advantage Point: $460 for 21 hours = $22/hr

Remember that at Advantage Point’s reasonable rates, you are probably getting a former Kaplan, Princeton Review, or Huntington teacher!

But…what if I still can’t afford that?

Advantage Point is committed to making test prep affordable for as many students as possible. So far this year, several students have taken advantage of our need-based sliding scale fees and tuition waivers. To be considered, please contact us today.