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Do all colleges accept the ACT?

Our test prep company is located in Ohio, where most students choose to take the ACT. (Great choice!) The students have no problem choosing the ACT over the SAT; it’s usually the parents who panic:

“ACT? Isn’t that a mouthwash brand?”

“Shouldn’t we just stick with the SAT and play it safe? After all, that’s what we took back when we were in school.”

“Do all colleges even accept the ACT?”

Dear parents, I am here to allay your fears. First of all, as of 2007, all four-year colleges in the U.S. accept the ACT. After hearing this piece of good news, parents inevitably ask if colleges still prefer the SAT. While I can’t speak for all colleges nationally, we have never found that to be the case with thousands of our students applying to selective colleges. And really, how could colleges favor one over the other at this point? In 2010, equal numbers of students took both standardized tests. The SAT is no longer the dominant college admissions test in the U.S.

Once in a while we have students applying to colleges abroad. Then the SAT/ACT preference is an issue. The ACT hasn’t really caught on in many countries around the world. But if you’re attending a 4-year college in the U.S., you can tell mom and dad to relax. The ACT can get you where you need to go.